Monday, January 24, 2011

Pink teapot burp cloths

I've generally deduced that the majority of baby items are for mopping up and wiping off. So MORE burp cloths! These are made using this tutorial and are made from a pair of old sweatpants and flannel. Old sweatpants? That's right, I've raided my rag bin to come up with more absorbent materials! I test out all the fabric I use for the burp rags and these sweatpants soaked water right up. (I test out new fabric too, because water beads up and rolls off of some flannel.)

The gray looked a little boring so I added some applique patches of the teapot fabric. And there are two because one is for the giveaway of course! (If you are a germaphobe and can't fathom wiping up your kid's puke with someone's old sweatpants then don't enter. They're been wash, I assure you, but I know some people are quite particular about things like that.)

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