Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lotta Jansdotter Snuggler

This is an infant swaddler from Lotta Jansdotter's book Simple Sewing for Baby. But you can get this particular pattern free here from CRAFT magazine. I made mine with some cotton fabric and lined it with soft jersey knit. (Yes, my snuggler matches my ironing boards!)
Without a baby to model, I relied in my Fisher Price My Friend Jenny doll, she's about 16 inches tall so she's a little smaller then a typical newborn but she was the closest thing I have. (I did briefly consider trying to get the cat into it, though!)
I think this is an awesome item but the pattern was not exactly flawless. Maybe the PDF pattern is different from the one included in the book, but there were some minor discrepancies between the directions and the pattern. The directions (clearly scanned from the book) say to transfer your marks for placement of the velcro as labeled A and B. But nothing in the pattern is marked A or B. The directions also state to sew from the placement mark on one side to the placement mark on the other. I assume she's talking about the line marked "notch" but that isn't terribly clear. And for probably the hardest part of the whole project, sewing the corners where the flaps meet the front of the pouch, she simply says "Ease your way around the corners where the pouch meets the top of the snuggler." Thanks a heap! There's a diagram on how to sew the darts (duh!) and a diagram on how to pin part one to part two (duh!) but no diagram on where or how to sew these two pieces? It came together, I'd use it, but it's not something I would give as a gift because it's just not quite refined enough.

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