Tuesday, December 28, 2010


About me
I am a 30-ish librarian who enjoys crafting, baking, dog training and gardening. My husband and I have been married for over 10 years and we have a 7 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi and an orange and white cat named Stewart. We unashamedly watch a lot of tv and movies, play video games and eat pizza at least once a week. But to counteract that, I have learned to love running and going to the gym!

I also love playing board games, going on nature walks, growing my own food, organizing my home (a mid-century house with a flat roof and huge windows), reading (nonfiction and children's books mainly), and setting new fitness goals (and meeting them!).

About the blog
Why am I making baby clothes for a baby that doesn't yet exist?

A couple of reasons. I am very frugal and one of the reasons I have hesitated when it comes to making a decision about having a baby is cost. I already have a TON of yarn, fabric and other crafting supplies that I can transform into all sorts of things, without spending any more money!

I realize that once I do have a kid, I will not be able to keep up this level of crafting. So I'm enjoying it now and for those few years that I'll enjoy getting use out of the items I create!

It also gives me time to think about this BIG DECISION and while I haven't completely decided 100% when I'll decide it's the right time, it makes me feel like I've at least made one decision. I decided to start thinking about deciding. :)

This project started out as a list of works-in-progress that I wanted to get finished before I would even think about having a baby. I had told my husband I'd make curtains for his office when we moved to this house two years ago. I had bought a chair for the bedroom then too, that I said I would recover. I had some knitting projects on the needles that I told myself I wouldn't ever get done if I didn't finish them NOW!

But then once I ticked those things off the list, I felt pressure from myself. I had said I wanted to get these things done before I had a baby. Did that mean that when they were done, I wouldn't have a choice? So I suppose I added a whole slew of baby-related projects to the list in order to give myself some breathing room. Yes, some will say I'm just doing this to stall. You might be right. But wouldn't it be better to stall and really give it the thought and preparation it deserves, rather than make a rash decision simply because I finished my husband's curtains? I think so and that's what matters!

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